Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year ??Resolution ?

Its already a Brand New Year :)
do you have a good start ? or something just made you have a bad start ?
hmmmm . i would say my year started it quite bad .
but i think i will do greater this year
what about your New Year Resolution ?? what you have in mind ?
my list would be at the bottom of this post . im gonna do every freaking thing to meet my goal for this year . i don't want to waste anytime anymore :)
You yes , you .
i have something wanted to tell you.
you should just know who you are !
Yes i dare to admit i have a biggest crush on you ,
although i denied it last time .
but for now i think im really ready to move a step forward for you .
i really don't know what are you thinking but i ain't gonna guess anymore
because im gonna find it out very soon .
i might doing too much for you that making you think that im lying or anything .
after the first time we came out for dinner and movie i really do wanted to know you more than that .
i don't know why am i writing this but just express my feeling but as i said i just do too much so i have to do it here to release it :P
maybe some of you might be thinking why do leslie loo doing such a stupid post.
but im just being true to myself .
this is just my little crap . so you can SKIP this and look at my resolution .
mark me aye , wish i can do everything by end of this year :)

2011 Resolution
Don't late for work anymore :(
Save money for my own car
Successfully get into a investment
Iphone :)
CDG one set (Hope to get it before Chinese New Year)
Be a better man
Going to trip with the gangs
last but not least having you beside me :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

year end post ? *still coming*

sup guys and girl ??
another year end is coming soon .
and we will step into another year
but what have we archive this year ?
did we get another step higher ?
hmmm for me i think i did my best to be different from last time.
i think this year i change alot more than the last few years.
although im still single and available. but im still enjoying my single life, although sometime i feel lonely but i still got my friends , so no worries of this :)
mixing with friends that are so different.
although friends come and leave but im just happy that people do passby my life and giving me a lesson to learn in it.
the lesson that i learn was to be generous to everyone.
sharing is caring thats my point of living right now :)
next year would be a little hard for me.
because i really don't what i should do , either study or continue work ??
i would really want to study . but in another side of my mind ;
hahaha. another better better way is i got a event full time .
how i wish someone will employe me
but this is what next year will think of .
but for now , CHRISTMAS is coming soon
and whats the plan ?? i don't know . hahahhaa
will stay tune for that .
last question for my blog today :)
will we still stay in our comfort zone or we step outside the comfort zone and test ourselve ??

Friday, October 29, 2010

First time i bought a G-Shock Myself :P

wee wa wa .
finally i got something i've been searching for so long time
G-Shock i love you. hhahhaha
its pink.i never imagine that i will buy something pink and wear it on my hand .

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome Home

Welcome Home Baby

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

waha =D

alright i wouldn't tell you guys where is this .
this is my first time there .
and i found out that is nothing very special
but some of the food are quite nice
let the photo do the talking

i don't know what is neo trying to do


the guys that were there from left to right
serene,me,lowen,lisa,neo,pung,tat kian :)

simple update =)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

im so sorry about what i promise from the last post that im going to full house KL .
the post was not been post due to full house KL was not open that day , and they are renovation the whole thing :(
but never dissapoint my reader i went to Afamosa and PD for the last two days .
not much picture but some memories .

thistle ; the hotel i was staying at PD.
is very far from PD town , but you will never regret for staying there.
is a dam nice place.

as we should know you can't see sunrise in PD.

but we can see for sunset . gosh !!!!! love it

after such a beautiful night over there next morning we are leaving already.

"morning moon"

healthy breakfast okie =)

*feel like lousy post .hahahhaha.whatever la*


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Fry Rice

today i was so good boy.
i fried my own rice and add lots of lots of stuff
but doesn't taste good :(
i failed my cooking .hahhahaha.too bad.
stay tune for next update